How much will the treatment cost?

To better prepare patients, we are detailing a price range for various procedures. Please understand that this is for guidance purposes only and that every case is different. We will always provide a full and detailed quote for therapy at the end of a consultation.


New Patient Consultation $295
Periodontal/Peri-implant Therapy $400 – $5,000
Implant Placement $2,100 – $4,800 per implant
Staged Grafting $1,500 – $3,500
Periodontal Surgery $600 – $3,000
Mucogingival Surgery $550 – $800 per tooth


New Patient Consultations

Our initial consultations are $295 and involve a 40-minute appointment with one of our periodontists. The price includes consultation fees, any x-rays required, and periodontal charting. The patient will have the opportunity to discuss their diagnosis and treatment plan in length with the periodontist who will be performing their treatment.


Periodontal/Peri-Implant Therapy (Gum disease, infected teeth and infected implants)

The fees involved with periodontal and peri-implant therapy will vary widely depending on the patient’s needs. It may require localised or full mouth treatment, and requirements for treatment vary depending on the severity of the disease. Our treatment options include (but are not limited to): active periodontal therapy, periodontal flap surgery, and LANAP. All of the patient’s options will be disclosed to them at their initial consultations, including any costs involved with treatment. We always endeavour to work in partnership with the patient to determine which treatment will be most suitable for their current situation.


Implant Placement (how much do dental implants cost?)

For implant therapy, the price varies from $2,100 for a straightforward, simple implant, up to $4,800 for complex two-stage implants involving simultaneous grafting. When referring patients to us for implants, please let us know if you have a preferred implant system and we will do everything we can to accommodate this.


Staged Grafting (how does it cost to build the bone up first?)

Stage grafting can vary from $1,500 for a simple case, through to $3,500 for treatment requiring a sinus lift. The price will depend heavily on the number of materials and the time needed to complete the procedure.


Periodontal Surgery (how much does surgery cost?)

Periodontal surgery for such items as crown lengthening access surgery for exposures will vary from $600 through to $3,000, depending once again on the procedure complexity and materials required.


Mucogingival Surgery (how much does gum grafting/ lifting/ augmenting cost?)

With regards to mucogingival surgery, prices vary anywhere from $500 through to $800 per tooth. The cost primarily depends on the number of teeth being grafted to re-establish soft tissue contouring and whether we are using connective tissue or other alternative products.

We understand that this is quite a wide price range; however, as you can appreciate, every patient is an individual. We hope this helps, but if you do have specific requests and you can provide more details regarding the case, please free to contact our reception, and they will do their best to provide you with a narrower estimate.


What do the Australian Dental Association (ADA) codes mean? (Why the difference in prices between quotes and costs)

The ADA codes are a universal set of numbers used to categorise various procedures for ease of reference. Importantly, the codes are descriptive of the procedure only, not who performs them.

Commonly Specialist and general dentists will use the same codes. However, the outcome will be very different due to training, tools and time taken to prepare and deliver the outcome.

There are particular categories of specialties registered. Commonly quoted roles such an implantologist and cosmetic specialist are not registered specialties and have no formal recognition.

As such, simply taking a quote from a specialist to another general dentist will not give a fair comparison.


Does Medicare cover any treatments?

Medicare does not subsidise periodontal treatment in private practice. However, a rebate may be available from Medicare for the cost of a CT scan if it is required.


What rebate will I get from my private health cover?

Please check with your health insurance provider to determine your eligibility for partial reimbursement for fees quoted. The rebates available vary between providers, and we recommend you quote the ADA code numbers listed in your treatment plan to determine your ‘out of pocket’ expenses.

In general, you should receive a higher rebate with a specialist. However, if your dentist is a preferred provider, then this will have an impact. Being a preferred provider is a purely economic agreement where the dentist agrees to limit his prices in return for patients receiving a higher rebate which should lead to more new patients.

At time of printing, there are no registered specialists in Queensland who are preferred providers.


Dental Board Code of Conduct Section 3.5 (page 12)

Fees and financial consent

Patients or clients should be made aware of all the fees and charges involved in a course of treatment, preferably before the health service is provided.

Discussion about fees should be in a manner appropriate to the professional relationship and should include discussion about the cost of all required services and general agreement about the level of treatment to be provided