New Patient Consultations

Our initial consultations are $290 and involve a 40-minute appointment with one of our periodontists. The price includes consultation fees, examinations, any x-rays required, and periodontal charting. Generally, we do no start therapy on the day unless prior special arrangement or it is a minor procedure. The reason, we don’t start therapy on the same day as the initial consultation is because the problem, pathology and disease must be fully understood before treatment commences.


Initial arrival


Generally, we will ask you to arrive 10-15mins early to complete all the relevant medical forms such as medical and drug history etc.

All current and past medications, diseases and previous significant medical treatments are relevant.

All supplements, long-term medications, and repeating short term medications are relevant.

If you are taking multiple medications, ideally, we would like you to bring in a an up to date summary in from your GP.


X-rays/Radiographs, specialised 3-dimensional imaging

if you have bought your OPG x-ray or specialised 3-dimensional imaging, this will be reviewed.

It helps us if you have had your OPG x-ray or other investigations done in advance and not on the day

If you have had an x-ray or other investigation done previously, please bring your x-ray to your appointment. Alternatively, we may be able to access the files if you have the relevant information needed for us to access the investigation files.



There will be a chair on your far right-hand side to place your belongings. Or if accompanied by someone, a place for them to sit. You will be asked to sit in the dental chair.

The periodontist will confirm the reason for your visit or chief complaint and your medical history. The periodontist will then explain the reasoning behind the exams. The history of the specific issue will be discussed.

Frequently a series of clinical photographs will be taken with a special camera



The chair will be placed in a horizontal position. If you have any issues with laying back too far, please tell us in advance.

The examination will then commence. We will be checking for the periodontal tissues include your gums and other soft tissues in the mouth. We do not check the status of your fillings, crowns or bridges. If there are apparent issues, then we will note this and probably inform you at the end.

A periodontal charting will then be completed and will measure:

  • All the recession (how much the gum have shrunk or receded?)
  • Periodontal pocket depth ( how deep are the pockets?)
  • Bleeding suppuration (pus)
  • Furcations (special anatomical points at the base of some teeth)
  • Plaque scores (how much debris is on your teeth?)
  • Mobility ( how much your teeth move?)

It may be prudent to take some minor x-rays, particularly when dealing with implants. We use digital sensors and the lowest dosage x-rays to help diagnose the issues as per the guidelines. The amount of radiation is measured in micro-sieverts and is very tiny. If you do have any problems, please tell us well in advance.



After we have completed our examination, we will explain to you our initial findings.

You may show you a small animation to help describe the issues or potential therapy options.

We will summarise all your options, risks and benefits as appropriate and if any other investigations or 3-dimensional imaging are needed.

The periodontist will discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan, and you will be provided with a summary of the final plan. Your dentist will receive a letter to keep them up to date within two weeks of the initial consult.


Oral hygiene instructions

While the periodontist is completing their notes and preparing quotations for you, the auxiliary team members will then review with you your oral hygiene technique (how you clean your teeth).

Our team members are specially trained in reviewing someone’s’ technique.

The key element of our treatment is enabling and elevating you to get the best possible result and staying healthy to avoid or minimise your need for any future painful therapies!

You will then receive a presentation of your treatment plan and any relevant quotes provided for review.


Treatment planning, booking appointments, quoting and payment

One of our specially trained staff will explain the options again and present any quotes for your review. The finalised document will be emailed to you for your records. We will book a conveniently timed appointment for you.

Please note: Some procedures are only available at specific locations. (i.e. Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) at our Brisbane clinic).

Some big procedures may require a deposit as we must allocate significant time to these procedures.

We strongly recommend you book in your treatment appointments on the day as we do not like disappointing patients when we can no longer offer appointments times due to demand.


Leaving and follow up

if you do have a question or feedback after the initial consult, please contact us as we are always available to answer any questions.

A text message will be sent to remind you about any appointments. If you have a preferred method of receiving reminders then please let us know.

We will look forward to seeing you again!

The team at Proactive Perio