Your First Consultation

Just like any other specialist, your first visit with us will be a consultation. Our initial consultations involve a 40-minute appointment with one of our experienced periodontists. At this appointment, your periodontist will check to assess tissues in your mouth, take any x-rays required, and measure the gum pockets in 6 places around each of your teeth. You will have the opportunity to discuss your diagnosis and treatment plan in length with the periodontist who will be performing your treatment. The fee for this first visit is $295, after which time we will provide you with a full treatment plan detailing any costs involved with your proposed treatment.

At Proactive Perio, our primary goal is always to help you make an informed decision about what option is best for you as an individual.

To help better prepare patients, we are detailing a price range for various procedures. Please understand that this is for guidance purposes only and that every case is different. We will always provide a full and detailed quote for therapy at the end of a consultation.


Does Medicare cover any treatments?

Medicare does not currently subsidise periodontal treatment in private practice. However, a rebate may be available from Medicare for the cost of a CBCT or OPG x-ray if these are required.


What rebate will I get from my private health cover?

Please check with your health insurance provider to determine your eligibility for partial reimbursement for fees quoted. The rebates available vary between providers, and we recommend you quote the ADA code numbers listed in your treatment plan to determine your ‘out of pocket’ expenses.

If you would like an itemised quote for your consultation to check your health fund rebate in advance, please contact us.