April 26, 2020

Proactive Perio has reopened

Proactive Perio has resumed some operations. The reopening of some services follows the announcement made by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and the Australian Dental Association (ADA), to ease restrictions on dental treatment provision.

Proactive Perio has taken additional measures to ensure that patients are receiving the care that they need in a safe and protected environment. Our approach has been adapted to every step of care.

The following steps are part of our process for patient care:

Prior to arriving at the clinic:

  1. Our reception staff will call to perform the COVID-19 screening questionnaire
  2. A confirmation of appointment will be given verbally and as an SMS
  3. Our arrival procedure will be explained. This includes:
    1. Arriving 10 minutes prior to your appointment for our medical history update
    2. Calling us to let us know of your arrival; we will only invite you into the premises once the previous patient has left. This measure is taken to minimise contact and maintain social distancing

Upon entering the clinic:

  1. Perform hand hygiene
  2. Update your medical history and signing the COVID-19 declaration
  3. A 20-minute full clinic disinfection protocol is completed where all surfaces are wiped twice with Viraclean wipes. While this significantly lengthens all our appointment times, we can assure you that it will not result in any added costs to you

When seeing the specialist:

  1. We are using additional personal protective equipment including, but not limited to, headwear, extra gowns [double barrier technique], surgical masks and providing patient drapes
  2. Preforming a pre-treatment mouth rinse
  3. Treatments will minimise the use of aerosols with a heavy reliance on hand instruments

We will be calling patients to reschedule or confirm appointments soon. Patients with other health issues (i.e. diabetes) will be prioritised. A COVID-19 health questionnaire will be emailed out to update patients’ medical histories.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to discuss your needs, then please contact us on (07) 3054 4326 in Wilston (Brisbane branch) or (07) 5301 9342 in Birtinya (Sunshine Coast branch) or via info@proactiveperio.com.