Proactive Perio can undertake various surgical treatments may be available to treat different periodontal problems:
Problem Concern Treatment
Receding gums
  • Looks unappealing
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Root coverage procedure (muco-gingival surgery)
  • gum grafting (soft tissue augmentation)
Bone loss around teeth
  • Reduced support for teeth
  • Predisposition to further bone loss
Bone regeneration techniques
  • Bleeding gums
  • Pain
  • Unappealing
Scaling and cleaning or removal of lesion
Short or broken down teeth
  • Insufficient tooth structure for restoration (filling or crown)
Crown lengthening and/or root resection
Persisting periodontal disease
  • Continued inflammation and bleeding after periodontal therapy
  • Plaque or calculus remains and cannot be removed by hand.
Access surgery
Impacted or buried teeth
  • Teeth cannot be accessed for Orthodontic treatment
Tooth (canine) exposure
Tooth is un-restorable
  • Remove tooth without damaging bone to have best chance of successful implant surgery
Specialist tooth extraction to preserve bone


Proactive Perio’s periodontist can explain the goal and technique of each procedure at your consultation.

In most cases, these surgeries are completed under local anaesthetic in the practice chair. For more complex cases or, if requested, we can perform the surgery under a general anaesthetic in the practice rooms or hospital.

These surgeries are minor surgical procedures that are likely to result in some localised pain and discomfort which can be managed by pain medication. Most patients can proceed with everyday life and often back at work by the next day and continue normal life throughout the months in between specialist appointments.