December 20, 2019

The latest in dental hygiene technology is available at Proactive Perio with EMS AIRFLOW and a Guided Biofilm Therapy. 

Proactive Perio now offers the latest technology in dental hygiene therapy with EMS Airflow and a Guided Biofilm Therapy treatment. The EMS AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is a pain-free teeth cleaning treatment that can save teeth and implants.



AIRFLOW® is a revolutionary, non-contact form of preventative and periodontal maintenance treatment. It projects a controlled stream of air, warm water and very fine sweet powder onto the tooth and in hard-to-reach areas to dislodge and remove food particles, plaque, discolouration and stains.

The high-pressure water/air stream cleans your teeth much faster, efficiently and comfortably than the use of traditional pastes. Since the water in the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master heats to 40 degrees, it’s a positively warm experience.


How do EMS AIRFLOW® and a Guided Biofilm Therapy treatment work?

It is estimated that 1mm of dental plaque contains more than 200 million bacteria. If left untreated, the bacteria can spread and develop biofilm. Biofilm is a colony of bacteria that can cause gum disease and compromise your body’s immune defences. When using the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master device, coloured dye goes on the teeth to reveal any plaque and biofilm present. The Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a great motivational tool to show your patients the areas in the mouth that may need more time when cleaning at home.

It is very easy to remove the plaque build-up with AIRFLOW® efficiently. This modern, gentle and cost-effective techniques assist in preventing and treating gingivitis and periodontitis.  As well as removing stains, AIRFLOW® can be used for many different treatment types including cleaning orthodontic brackets and dentures plus implants to minimise per-implantitis and to reduce the loss of implants

The treatment is particularly useful for patients with extremely sensitive teeth. The practices’ principal dentist, Doctor Chris Barker uses this treatment as part of a desensitisation program for people with high levels of dental fear anxiety. He works with the patient to eventually get them to coming to see a dentist to get their teeth cleaned and then returning to their regular dentist.

Dr Barker is also the only Queensland trainer and can train dentist to use the EMS AIRFLOW®.

He is the official key opinion leader and trainer for Guided Bio Therapy in Queensland and can train clinicians to incorporate this treatment into their practice offerings.

Give your patients a pain-free teeth cleaning treatment.  If you want to learn more or come and experience the procedure, then contact Dr Chris Barker.